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Compostela Pass

Compostela Pass es una manera diferente de vivir la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela. Esta tarjeta turística, iniciativa desarrollada por la empresa Art Natura, fue creada para poner a tu disposición ofertas y descuentos en numerosas actividades que te harán disfrutar de la ciudad con todo tipo de facilidades.

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Private guided tour to Santiago de Compostela

Discover Santiago de Compostela, World's Heritage Site by UNESCO, on a private tour with one of our official tour guides. You will go through the most emblematic streets of the old town, such as Franco or Vilar, as well as the squares of the Cathedral: Obradoiro, Inmaculada, Quintana and Platerías. 


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Private guided tour to Lugo

Visit Lugo, a city of Roman origin founded by Paulo Fabio Máximo in the 1st century BC, with one of our official tour guides. You will discover the Roman traces still persisting nowadays, highlighting the Roman Wall, the only one in the world that still keeps its whole perimeter, declared World's Heritage Site by UNESCO


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Enjoy the full Compostela Pass with which, in addition to discovering the city of Santiago, you will be able to visit Land’s End.

Compostela Pass + Trip to Finisterre (full day).




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Day-trip to Finisterre - Muxía ( Costa da Morte )

Discover  the most impresive landscape of  "Costa da Morte", visiting the sites of Finisterre, Muxía, Ézaro, Muros and Pontemaceira.

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Guided tour to Santiago de Compostela

You will discover the historic town of Santiago de Compostela, declared World's Heritage by the UNESCO, as you stroll around its streets and squares, accompanied by one of our tour guides. The tour includes a visit to the inside of the Hostal of the Catholic Kings, the old pilgrim's hospital, and the inside of the Cathedral and its Museum. 


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Day-trip to Rias Baixas from Santiago de Compostela

Stone-paved streets, small squares with porticos and balconies, beaches open to the Atlantic Ocean, a great wealth of ancient monuments, tales, legends and seafaring tradition...

You will discover all this in a tour along the rías of Pontevedra and Arousa, passing by Pontevedra, Combarro, A Lanzada Beach and Cambados

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A fishing village full of History.

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